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Emoji Preference


If it’s not a hug, then it’s another symbol of




When Bloganuary #12 asked the question,

“What’s your favorite Emoji?”

I thought this isn’t a very thought provoking subject. But I guess if you answered with a

🧻 or a 💊 or a 🥨 or an 🫒, then we’d have something to talk about, right?

🤪 I often send this one when I’m being silly … or I send this one 😴 each evening when I text “Good night” to my grandson. Those are pretty mundane.

I accidentally sent this Emoji to a friend 👙 recently. We both had a good laugh. It was not what we were talking about at all. Have you ever sent the wrong one by mistake?

One of my most frequent ones is this: 🐝 … I use it to remind my friends to 🐝 well! I’m still suffering with the nasty cough 😷 from this RSV. 😤😩😮‍💨

I wonder 🤔 when I will breathe normally again?

Keep praying 🙏🏽 for my return to good health, ok? God is listening … and I’m sure He wants us to be able to return home to Montana by this weekend! What are YOUR plans?

Love, JanBeek 🥰

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  1. Fran McNeill said:

    And I want you back here too! Get better dear friend, and my favorite emojis are:

  2. Feel better soon!

  3. My favorite emojis are 🥰💋❤️😘. When I send emails to customers I always sign my name with these after: ☺️✨🌲 . The tree is because we are the Relais des Mélèzes or Inn of the Larch trees. It’s easy to have misunderstandings in a text if you don’t use emojis. That can lead to hurt feelings if you’re not careful!

    • I like the way you use them to covey the things you think could be misinterpreted. Showing what your facial expressions 🤪or voice inflections👌🏽 might have made clearer is a great use of these little icons! 👍🏽

  4. I virtually only use the standard smiley face. I’m not going to smile about your cough, Jan X

  5. Emojis are a mystery to me! I know one, by typing in the colon and the bracket. If I was using a phone, I know there are hundreds to pick from, but on my laptop I am stuck!
    In answer to your question however, I try to use an animal emoji to convey my message (from iphone). If I could find the emoji for confused, now would be a good time to use it!

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