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Embrace Action

All talk and no action
Makes for a sad friend indeed.
A true friend steps up
To help in our time of need.

All talk and no action
Is a sorry commentary.
We’re not called to pontificate;
But what we do may vary.

Each situation’s unique
And calls for a different plan.
Jesus never hesitated –
Likewise, do what you can.

Last Sunday a dear friend
Fell in the parking lot at church.
Someone fortunately saw her,
So she wasn’t left in the lurch.

Friends jumped into action:
Her son was called. “Come today!”
Another brought her to the ER
And got a wheelchair right away.

Their example of action –
Stepping up when there’s a need –
Was exactly what Jesus did.
Remember the bread and fish feed?

Remember the blind man
Who said he wanted to see?
Jesus showed us how to act –
His examples sure impress me!

I want to be like Jesus.
I want to step up and be
The person you can count on
To act at each opportunity.

I’m grateful for the doctors
Who saw Bob’s need and acted.
Today they biopsied bone marrow.
Yesterday a PET scan was contracted.

All talk and no action
Allows health issues to grow.
Emotional issues likewise fester
When not addressed; don’tcha know?

Embrace action, my friends.
Jump in when you see a need.
Do it out of goodness –
Not monetary greed!

Thank you for embracing action, my friends.
Your prayers are faith in action.
You’re the best!

Tell me about the last time you saw a need and jumped in!
Could be as simple as what I did today. I was Bob’s chauffuess!!
(He’s usually MY chauffeur!)


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  1. Wonderful poem!! People stepping up to help in times of need are inspiring and admirable. We’ve been in tough situations with my daughter at the hospital and friends stepped up to deliver food, send, encouragement, pray for our family, and just being there as a supportive community. Thank you for sharing. Jesus is the perfect example of love in action.

    • I am so glad to hear you have experienced that wonderful feeling of being taken care of by others. Thank you for dropping in here and taking time to respond. Have a blessed, song-filled day! <3

  2. I sound message, Jan. How is Bob?

  3. Dana Pulliam said:

    Just before reading this post, I sent you a message thanking you, in essence, for encouraging me to act on the promptings of the Spirit. Action, indeed! Ain’t God good!! 😍

    • Jean used to say, “God is good!” And we’d say (as a congregation), “All the time!” Then she’d repeat, “All the time…” and we’d repeat, “God is good!” Ah… ’tis so true!!

  4. A great Post Jan. Faith without works is dead… friends who don’t reach out in time of need are dead friends! You poem says it all. Hope all is going well with Bob’s tests.

    • Thank you, {{{Dwight}}}. According to the report we just received on the PET scan, evidently we’re not finished yet with tests. Three specific x-rays have been recommended to analyze more thoroughly some “iffy” areas.

  5. Jan, your poem is a blessing to read and reflect upon. There are times when action is called for. When we can step into the breech to assist someone, we are following Christ’s call to serve.

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