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Embrace Preparedness

Nothing like being prepared! It allows a sense of ease after all the struggle of getting there!

Plane ready – and so were we!
Waiting in Chicago for the flight to London

Where’s a gourmet sit-down restaurant when you need it? Heck we can get fast food anywhere. We wanted something special. Message: relax and be patient. Save the fancy meal for when you’re with DeDe!! OK…

De’s there… waiting for us.

Flight takes off in an hour … we’re praying all goes smoothly. Thank you for the good wishes.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "Embrace Preparedness" (15)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    Glad you’ve started! Travel well and safely! 😘

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  2. Peter Martin said:

    Travel safe

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  3. Have a safe trip!

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  4. Can’t wait to hug you both!!!

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  5. Journey mercies Jan. Have a safe trip.

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  6. Awesome! Your preparedness with so many details is lifting you to a blessed rendezvous. Enjoy!!


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