Spreading love, joy, peace, faith & unity


Click on that link!
It will take you to a video
about the spreading of unity
as a theme on a painted cow.

I loved it…
and decided it was
too good to keep to myself.

Unity is Power.

Ban Divisiveness!

Bee amazed at the World Cow Maze
shown on the video that is linked above.

We’re all spots on the same cow!
Check out that link above to see how
this huge maze
in a corn field was created.

Embrace the spread of Unity.
In it lies our future as a world at peace!

What can you and I do to spread
the concept of UNITY
in our corner of the world today?

Let there be peace on earth…
and let it begin with me.

Have a peace-filled day.
See ya tomorrow (God willing).


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  1. Jan, we can never embrace and pray for greater unity. Whether its down the street, across town, spanning each state, traveling the country, or circumventing the globe, Jesus looks upon us to share unconditional love.

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