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Embrace Deep Doodling

I’m on an art kick these days. Can you tell? Various artists out in WordPress Land have been relating to my blogs in the last couple of days about our Ennis Arts Festival and the 50+ artists who exhibited their talents there.

I am not a person who identifies myself as an artist. An art supporter, yes. But an artist, wellllll … that’s questionable. But, music is an art – and I play the accordion and clarinet and I love to sing. My love of and pursuit of music makes me an artist, right?

Also, I love to cook. Culinary arts count, right?

How about writing? Is it an art? You know I love to write.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

In addition to writing, I do love to doodle. I just discovered a new term: Deep Doodle!!

What is a deep doodle?

Well, it is a sketch or drawing that comes from your unconscious mind without your conscious mind interfering. Think of it as what doodles usually are but in an extended way and coming from a deeper place.

How about you? Are you a deep doodler?

A useful comparison is the idea of automatic writing where writers just start scribbling down ideas in a kind of flow state without thinking intentionally about what they are writing. Deep doodling is the artist’s version, allowing for a spontaneous flow of art free of organization and forethought. Does that sound weird or fun to you? Perhaps both!

Have fun expressing your artistic inclinations in whatever way that makes you feel creative! You know we all are formed as creative beings, endowed with talents we have not begun to explore. Do you have a latent talent? What is it?

You are born to be creative.
Where does your untapped creativity lie?

Maybe it is Deep Doodling!
Release it!
Embrace it!

Listen to this Ted Talk about the “Hidden Path to Creativity.”

When you can look with fresh eyes at old data,
the creativity occurs.
Surrender your old preconceptions!

Deep Doodling allows you to look with fresh eyes –
pushing forward into heretofore uncharted territory!

Deep Doodling connects you to Ah-Hah moments –
Let the scales fall from your eyes.
Develop the ability to hold
focused awareness!

Let what is unclear become clear
as you let that still small voice
emerge in your doodling!
Explicate & replicate!

You can create powerful change!
Create something that produces wellness!

Invoke and pull out the insights
that allow you to make choices
that prepare you for a better future.

Unleash your creativity!
Unleash deep doodling
and let it draw you in
to uncharted waters!

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com

Tell me about the ways you
use your creativity to enter uncharted waters.

Happy Deep Doodling, my friends.
See you tomorrow (God willing).


Comments on: "Embrace Deep Doodling" (12)

  1. One thing I no longer do is doodle. This might amuse you: https://derrickjknight.com/2014/05/11/look-at-that-book/

  2. Thanks Jan for sharing the idea of “deep doodling.” While my artistry involves the written word, there are moments when I just start writing about nothing in particular. Sometimes it even turns into a finished sketch. I used to whistle different tunes in a doodling sort of way, but now have trouble finding my whistle.

  3. The term “deep doodling” is new to me. Without realizing it, I do tend to doodle when I’m on a call. It seems to help me listen. Sometimes, on purpose, I take one simple shape and repeat it in patterns. Someone told me that is called Zentangling. I admire musical artists. What artistic leanings I have are the written word and visual arts. Thanks for an enjoyable post.

    • Thanks for sharing. I was fascinated with this subject, I’m glad you enjoyed it too. <3

    • When I was growing up and spent many hours on the phone talking to friends I would often doodle the same thing: a star with a circle around it and then lines around the star….I just liked the shape. I didn’t know that doing that had a name!

  4. Deep doodling?! Would you please share one of your examples?

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