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Embrace Vision

I will be the rock of your salvation
In the hour of your deepest need,
You’ll find that I am here.
I am the God who sees.

I will lift you up again.
I will reveal and heal.
No need to feel despair.
I am the God who sees.

Embrace Vision.
Glory, glory Hallelujah!
Every knee will bow to Me.
I am the God who sees.

I see you.

Comments on: "Embrace Vision" (9)

  1. Very encouraging! In times of troubles, He is there to lift us up and out of it. What a blessing!

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  2. Amen!! 🌼☀️🌻

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  3. What an incredibly beautiful song and film! Thanks Jan.
    Praise God for the loving Father that He is!

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  4. My aim is to encourage. I am encouraged by your response. Thank you so much! Have a beautiful Sunday. God bless you! ❤


  5. Amen! Indeed, our Lord’s vision always exceeds what we can see. While I need glasses to see 20/20, God can see what lies ahead in the next minute, hour, day, week, and far beyond.

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