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Embrace Peace

The events at the United States Capitol in Washington DC today were more than disturbing. I watched about a half an hour of President Trump’s speech to thousands of his followers who came to his rally this morning near the Capitol Building in Washington DC. His speech was so disturbing that I had to shut it off.

About 10 minutes into his speech, I wrote to a friend saying, “I am listening to a rabid crowd that is listening to this delusional dictator/cult leader. So troublesome!! He’s so dangerous!”

About 10 minutes later I wrote, “I am praying for peace. I’m worried about his power base believing the election fraud lie and being riled up… He is damning ‘Weak Republicans’ and obviously trying to plan a coup… inciting insurrection. He said there were ‘explosions of bullshit’ – and the crowd loved it! He said, ‘The media has become the enemy of the people’. The crowd applauded. This man is dangerous.”

I couldn’t stand what I was hearing, so clicked out of it and turned on XM Radio’s Escape while I finished my breakfast and then went to my dental appointment. Bob & I were gone for the day. It was a beautiful drive to Bozeman and back along the Madison River.

I got my teeth cleaned, we did a little grocery shopping, and when we returned home, we turned on the TV.

Can you imagine our dismay? Sure enough, that “rabid crowd” was incited to violence. They had stormed the White House and in the mayhem a woman was killed and the entire Senate and House proceedings to affirm the electoral counts that would confirm the election of Biden/Harris had been halted.

As I write this, the Senate and Assembly are back in session. It is nearing midnight in Washington DC and they promise to stay in session until their job is done and the electoral votes are properly counted. The rioters were cleared out, of course. But very few were arrested, as far as I can tell. Why not? What they did was despicable and unlawful.

They were incited by the rhetoric of our President Trump. I heard it. I could switch it off and tune into some music and go on a nice drive. But those rioters were caught up in it. They didn’t turn it off. Their actions were …

… well, I can’t find the words. I can’t describe how concerned I am about our country, how disappointed I am with our president and his unwillingness to accept defeat. I cannot put into words how concerned I am about what Donald Trump may do in the next 14 days (until he is out of office) to put the USA at risk. His behavior is not rational. I heard him. I saw him. I saw the results. Did you?

How are you feeling about it?

Let’s Embrace PEACE.
Pray for peace.
Be the peace we need to see.
Feel the peace.

What do you say?

Thanks for visiting JanBeek
and listening to me vent.
See ya tomorrow.
I hope it’s a better day.

Comments on: "Embrace Peace" (19)

  1. It is absolutely shocking what is happening in D.C. Trump should be held responsible for the deaths that occured. He did indeed incite the insurrection that lead to their deaths. I can’t find the words to express how I’m feeling. Just dismay….. disappointment… shock.

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  2. “Let’s Embrace PEACE.
    Pray for peace.
    Be the peace we need to see.
    Feel the peace.

    Thank you for these encouraging words, Jan. What happens in America effects us all. Yes, let’s pray for peace. Hate and destruction wont get us anywhere where we want to be.

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  3. Sad and angry for your country and the world. Watching Trump encircling Hilary Clinton on stage warned of what was to come – but the reality was beyond imagination. That he could raise such rabid support is what is most worrying.

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    • I agree, Derrick. The rabid, destructive response to his delusional rhetoric and the number of good, intelligent, God-fearing people who believe his conspiracy theory is troublesome indeed!

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  4. Lesley (the English one) 😉 said:

    With you 100%, Jan! We, too, watched the events on t.v. as they unfolded. I feel a mixture of emotions that range between anger and sadness. The u.s.a. is an extraordinarily beautiful country. As I’ve got to know my American friends here on WordPress, I’ve googled all the various states and been enchanted by the wonders I’ve discovered . . . and to see this ‘man’ cause so much destruction is painful. Your pain is our pain. His actions affect the whole world. I can only repeat the words of Jesus, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    I have come to love the u.s.a. and I’m comforted by the fact that this ‘man’ (I can’t bear to write his name) and his supporters are only a minority of the American people. I pray to God that this narcissist gets the psychiatric help that he needs and that his ‘supporters’ get help with removing the toxic nonsense he’s put in their heads and hearts. “Father, begin a great healing process in America and bring peace and harmony to its people.” Amen!

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  5. Mark A Swanson said:

    Agree with your thoughts re the way back to civility Jan. But in my conversations with progressives, democrats, and anti-Trump republicans, there is a lot of understandable anger and unwillingness to forgive those that enabled and supported Trump for so long. We all saw who he was a long, long time ago, and most of us are completely unsurprised by yesterday’s events. So if/when people suddenly say, oh, he went too far, sorry, it’s difficult to forgive them. The damage was being done every single time he opened his mouth for the last 4 years. He purposely set out to divide and inflame us, to shred our social and democratic fabric, to stoke conspiracy theories and violence, never once making any sincere efforts to unify us. Worse, he acted corruptly and yesterday betrayed us and our congressmen and women in a way no one has ever betrayed us. Short of an outright and sincere apology from the people who allowed this to happen, I don’t think I’m capable of turning the other cheek with anyone other than close friends and family. I personally think the country has become like a really bad marriage where both parties would be better off and much happier going their separate ways — imagine the angst, time, energy, money and resources that would be saved if we split the country into two more or less like-minded countries.

    Love ya Jan,

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    • Thank you, Mark, for your thoughtful response. I am going to have to ponder that last sentence a long time. My post today goes in the opposite direction. My prayer is for unity. Maybe I am just a PollyAnna!!


  6. Anonymous said:

    he needs to be impeached so he can never hold office again

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    • I agree… but I am afraid there is not enough time to do that before he leaves office. When he is out, then he can be prosecuted in the states where there is such good reason to hold him accountable for the crimes he has committed.


  7. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    Jan says: “. . . His speech was so disturbing that I had to shut it off. . . .”

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    • Thank you so much, {{{Uta}}}. I am honored that you reblogged this. Perhaps it will help folks understand how some of us in the USA were feeling on that fateful day. Thank God it was no worse than it was. But, 4 lives lost … that was bad enough! :o(


  8. Michele James said:

    Jan, The week before this terrible event I felt that something awful was going to happen because of the lies and rhetoric of the president, and his inability to accept the valid results of the election. What power for darkness he’s had over people’s minds for four years. I am deeply troubled by the scenes and reportings on TV, yet I can’t seem to turn it off. What a lovely drive you and Bob took by the river to town. I finally took time to go on a bike ride to look at something lovely, and away from the news. I hope that Americans work toward peace and understanding in the coming days. We can ask God to help us find the way through the darkness and into the light.
    Thinking of you fondly, Michele

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    • What a lovely response, {{{Michele}}} – I feel that same level of concern about that “power of darkness” and join you in the prayer “toward peace and understanding in the coming days.” God bless you. Give Devon a BIG hug from me, will you? ❤ ❤


  9. I’ve come across so many posts in support of the insurrection that justified the violence. It was refreshing to read one that was completely against it. Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, in between or neither there’s no way to justify that violence and literal taking over of the Capitol. Recent reports show people holding the Bible and praying for God’s support for this mess. It was disgraceful and a reproach on God’s name. They still haven’t arrested enough of the people that vandalized the Capitol, broke into offices, stole mail and electronics and who knows what else. I’m appalled with each new video that pops up. I pray that Jehovah God can get us through these tough times. I look forward to God’s Kingdom when we’ll finally have peace.

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