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A Day to Remember

This is a day to remember –
Remember the lives lost on 9-11-2001.
Remember the heroes who risked –
Risked their own lives to save others.

Today is a day to acknowledge
We as a nation are not impenetrable.
I used to think we were;
I used to think wars were someplace else.

Now I know wars rage right here.
Wars rage in our hearts and homes.
Wars rage on our streets.
Wars don’t need tanks and guns.

Wars are acts of hatred and violence
Against those we wish to oppress.
Wars rage where love is absent.
Love is the only way to douse wars.

So today, remember the feeling
Of fright and disbelief – – – the horror.
Remember how we came together
Joined hands as a nation to help.

And let’s do it again!
Let’s join hands to save our souls.
Let’s reach out to heal our wounds.
Let’s just love one another.

Never forget 9-11
Never let it happen again!

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  1. I pray to God it never happens again, our nation is in crisis again, Lord have mercy on our land

  2. A splendid memorial

  3. This date is burned into my consciousness forever. I was at my teaching post on this horrible day.

    • I was at my teaching post that day, too… but we got a call early in the morning from our daughter in Switzerland who told us to turn on our TV. We did – just in time to see the second tower get hit. Surreal!! A day burned in my bain and heavy in my heart. 🙁

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