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If I Could Fly

Do you ever wish you could fly? Just float above the challenges, view life from a higher perspective, and come in for a landing better equipped to deal with life’s complexities?

Quoting Carl Sandburg’s lovely aphorism:

“Poetry is a diary kept by a sea creature
who lives on land
and wishes he could fly,”

brings me back to my angel post from yesterday.

One of my readers commented that angel wings would come in mighty handy on crowded “free”ways. The traffic jams make them anything but free, and so those wings might allow him to fly above the fray.

Fly me to the moon!

I’m a sea creature who lives on land

And wishes I could fly.

I’m a fish out of water

And let me tell you why.

My mind thinks in poetry;

My ears hear in rhyme.

My soul seeks to soar

To heights all the time.

I’m a shrimp in a crowd

Of fish-loving folks

Who tower above me

Telling fly-fishing jokes.

I prefer sitting quietly

At the edge of the sea

And finding a star fish

Who’ll fly “heaven-word” with me.

Want to fly along?

It’s another beautiful day in southern California. We are leaving our friends in Redlands and headed for a place in Rancho Mirage for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. I’ll share my adventures with you.

Where are you headed today?
Wish you could fly?
I do!

See ya later.

Comments on: "If I Could Fly" (8)

  1. Beautiful Jan, your words always soar heavenward Jan. Loved your poem. Keep flying my friend. Happy New Year to you. May you be blessed with joy and good health and happiness. 😄💕🤗💚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sue. Happy 2020 to you, too. I love your lovely affirmation. I appreciate you ♥️😘

      Liked by 1 person

      • Like wise Jan, I have not been buzzing around WP as often, but I so love your energy Jan and your light my friend… I wish the world had a million more of you and we would soon tip the balance of the world to one of love and peace my friend ❤


  2. You’re renting a home for two weeks? Sounds lovely! SO glad you and dad are having a super time down south!

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  3. Love this poem. Makes me feel good!


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