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Think of the Reason

Think of the reason
We love this Christmas season
The Main Character

Besides your thinking
Set aside some special time
To worship the Christ

Because, if not for
His birth and Resurrection
There’d be no Christmas

Thank You, Jesus!

I’m headed up to my sanctuary to start my day off right.
A little time with Him and His Word…
You’re in my prayers.

See ya later.

Comments on: "Think of the Reason" (7)

  1. Sadly, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to remember this.

  2. Ms. Beek, it is so sad to me when the so-called Christians, constantly refer to that Old Testament that story of a mean & vengeful god, when the message of Jesus was of a new and peaceful life, lived in Harmony…..I think of Christmas time as Christ’s Mass, where Forgiveness was the order of the Day…..

    • Thank you, for affirming the Reason for the Season. God Bless Jesus, the Christ, a member of the Trinity, who came to give us that peaceful assurance! I know God is a God of justice – and with it comes judgement, but He sent our Lord to give us a way to redemption… and a way to avoid that vengeance. I am eternally grateful! <3

  3. Jan, I appreciate the reason for the season. Without CHRISTmas, there cannot be a Resurrection . . . and then opportunities for Salvation are lost.

  4. I love the reason for the season. And I love sharing it with our grandchildren. Have a great holiday.

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