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A Daughter’s Tribute

In the center of this photo is Marcelle Zufferey. To her left is her dear daughter, Sylvianne, who wrote the tribute below. On Marcelle’s right is her beautiful granddaughter, Lorianne.

Family Connections

Sylviane (we call her Syli) is our “Swiss Daughter.” She lived with us for a year in California when she was 17 or 18. The next year our daughter, DeDe, went to Switzerland for a year and lived in Syli’s family. Marcelle was such a loving, compassionate guide. Our daughter fell in love with Syli’s cousin, Andre’ (who became our son-in-law)… and to say De needed guidance is putting it mildly! God bless Marcelle and her husband, Antoine, for their loving understanding.

This last couple of years Marcelle has been in a care facility. That dreaded disease, Alzheimer’s, captured her memory and her health. Syli was there to spend quality time with her almost every day.

The Tribute

DeDe’s “Swisster” wrote this tribute to her mom in French (her native language). It was translated by Facebook and posted today. Some of the words may be translated strangely, but the beautiful sentiment is clear:

“Mom… you went to join dad this afternoon on his birthday.

I was able to accompany you to your last breath.

Thank you for giving us so much love.

For passing us through your eyes and your beautiful smile the meaning of family, respect and love.

You are part of the love of each of us.

From up there with dad you can be proud …

We had the extraordinary chance to have you as parents.

For having you as a mom, grand mom and great grand mom.

You are in my heart my little mom, I love you

And even if i will miss your beautiful eyes and your smile deeply, I know that now you don’t suffer anymore and that with dad you are forever present in our hearts.”

An Acrostic

I wrote this acrostic today as my tribute to this special lady… remembering her as she will always live in my heart:

M arvelous
A wesome
R adiant
C ompassionate
E mbraceable
L ovable
L oyal
E ndearing

Marcelle and me – circa 1985

Rest in peace, Marcelle. I love you.

Will you write an acrostic using your name and describing yourself? I’d love to see it. Mine would be:
J oyful
A nimated
N atural (or maybe “Nutcase”??)

See ya tomorrow. Have a good night.

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  1. Another fine tribute.

  2. So sad to hear. Her daughter paid a lovely tribute.

    • I concur with Pene’ Pasta (gifted50). Oh, Jan Beek, your post makes me so very emotional as I struggle to hold back a torrent of sad feelings from reading DeDe’s “Swisster” tribute to her mom, Marcelle. I have lost my mother recently too, as you can see from my latest post published as a special multimedia eulogy entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye”.

  3. Ms. Jan Beek, you are a gifted, compassionate person, this world needs more people like you, It is always a pleasure to read the comments of mostly other writers, when I lost my Love & best Friend of 35 + years, I found nothing save sympathy, and compassion on here, I am humbled & Grateful for the out-pouring of Love and encouragement I received. God Bless YOU All!

    • God bless you, dear “Alaskman.” I appreciate your perusal of some of my posts and your lovely comment. My heart goes out to you regarding your loss. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose my Love and Best Friend. I hope you find peace and comfort and unconditional love in your December friends, activities, family, and various pursuits. Thank you for your kind comments about JanBeek. I appreciate that you see a “gifted, compassionate person” behind the words on my blog. I am humbled by your response. Merry Christmas to you!!

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