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Seeing God — friarmusings

My post today, “Do Good” focused on children … and their abuse (as I shared Pastor Kurt’s devo from Bayside). This post “Seeing God” that I hope I have forwarded to you here is a delightful look at why Jesus pointed to the children as examples of true followers. (Click on the title above to get to it)

Friar Musings described children so poignantly.
He wrote,
“kids are feisty, clever, quick, fierce,
generous, selfish, naughty, obedient,
curious, bored, quiet, loud,
challenging, funny,
surprising, solemn, and exhausting.”

Go to “Seeing God” at friarmusings and read more!

See ya later!!

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  1. Thank you so much Jan, I will go to your last post DO GOOD to see.. <3

  2. I think, perhaps above all, children are honest

    • Well yes, usually. But when they do lie, in my experience, it has been to stay outta trouble. Denying something or not “fessing up.” My mom loved to tell the story of when, at around 3 years of age, holding a fistful of freshly picked tulips from my dad’s prized three-tiered tulip bed, I looked her square in the face (avoiding eye contact with my 5 year-old sister next to her) and said, “ I no pick da flaws; maybe Sally pick da flaws!”

  3. Hah!

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