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Share Intentionally

In her book, Mary’s Way, Peggy Tabor Millin told this story, “I was on a train on a rainy day. The train was slowing down to pull into a station. For some reason I became intent on watching the raindrops on the window. Two separate drops, pushed by the wind, merged into one for a moment and then divided again – each carrying with it a part of the other. Simply by that momentary touching, neither was what it was before. As each one went on to touch other raindrops, it shared not only itself, but what it had gleaned from the other.

I saw this metaphor many years ago and it is one of my most vivid memories. I realized then that we never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace. Our state of Being matters to those around us, so we need to become conscious of what we intentionally share so we learn to share with intention.”

I’m at the Sr. Center helping prepare the taco salads and serving the “old folks” today. What are you up to?

Share intentionally!

See ya later!

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  1. Love this so much! I am not volunteering today (just got home from water aerobics and am taking a lunch break and then back to job hunting), but filled in at Meals on Wheels for Labor Day yesterday so the regular volunteers could get the day off. What fun…..the hugs and “I love you”s and thanks made me smile. I know their raindrops merged into me!

  2. You’re a true angel <3

  3. An excellent statement

  4. God bless your spirit to reach out and serve others. My wife and I have been filling in for the parents of two of our grandchildren this entire week. Actually, the grandson and his sister (ages 13 and 12) are caring for us.

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