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Do Good

Do Good

Today the Pope’s tweet spoke to my heart:

“May God, the lover of life, grant us the courage to do good without waiting for someone else to begin, or until it is too late.”



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Speaking of Doing Good:

Pastor Kurt’s Refuel message stirred my heart and moved me to share with you this morning’s devotional from him at his Bayside Church near Sacramento, CA :

Pastor Curt reminds us that they’re not invisible to God,
so they better not be invisible to God’s people!

CityServe2019 bit.ly/devo090219

The World Hurts

Sometimes my heart swells with the pain of the world’s hurt.
I heard the call to do good;
I listened to the challenge
related to young girls and their pitiful condition,
and now I sit here in the warm sunshine
flowing into my sanctuary wondering.
What can I do?

Do Good

Do all the good you can
To all the people you can
Whenever and wherever you can.
And don’t forget to pray.
God’s mercy far outreaches
Anything we can do.

Have a blessed Labor Day (my USA friends✌🏽)
and a Marvelous Monday eve
(my growing list of friends from India
and around the other side of the globe).

May God hold each child In the palm of His Mercy.
May He Bless them all.


See ya later

Comments on: "Do Good" (5)

  1. If everyone followed just this one thing of Doing good to others, the world would be a hugely different place, Excellent share Jan.. ❤ Much love your way ❤

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  2. I agree. Sometimes its all we can do. But that little bit of being kind, being nice, can do wonders.

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