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Love My Gardener!

I Love My Gardener

trees yard sky
Yes, I love my gardener!
He does such careful work –
I never see him stoppin’
Or takin’ time to shirk.
He keeps the trees so green,
The lawn so trimmed and bright.
He fertilizes flowers
And trims dead ones just right.
He takes great care of all;
Pulls weeds when they just creep in.
I love my gardener so much –
I think I’d better keep him!

Don’t you?



trees -yard-look northeast


daffodil trimmed


yellow Columbine

Bet you wish you had a gardener like mine, huh?
Well – you can’t have him!

It’s my sweet husband, Bob – busy at work –
changing a sprinkler head.
(Don’t ask him to smile right now;
He says, “I’m busy!”)


Love my gardener!
heart of love
See you tomorrow!

Comments on: "Love My Gardener!" (14)

  1. Beautiful photos. I have a flower and a veggie garden. This year is my 3rd year gardening and it’s better than ever before.

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  2. riverlifepsalms1 said:

    God is our gardener too
    A husbandman of sorts
    He takes His time and nurtures us all
    Never ceasing His work.
    For us to grow is His will
    Bearing much fruit
    And abiding in Him,
    So He prunes us just right
    Although we may fight
    The cut with the knife
    It brings us delight
    FULL fruit never to refrain
    But always to remain
    On our branches
    For all the world to taste and see
    That the Lord is Mmmmmm good
    To you and me
    That’s Our Daddy
    But wait,
    He can be their gardener too…

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  3. Your yard is a wonderful garden. Bob is an amazing gardener. Jan, thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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