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Wine Pairing Dinner

Our daughter and her husband, who live in Switzerland, arrived yesterday. Yay!! We took DeAna and André to dinner last night for a special wine pairing event.

Here is the menu, with pictures of each course. Beautiful presentations and deeelicious food!

I won’t be posting my usual A-Z series today. I’m having too much fun. Today they went to Anaconda to pick up their son (our grandson, Chris, who’s in the Job Corps there). We’ll all be together for the next ten days. I’m sure you’ll understand if my A-Z series takes a break in favor of sharing family love!

Have a super Saturday.

❤️ See you tomorrow ❤️

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  1. Sunny De said:

    We’re soooo happy to be here! Thank you so very much for the amazing meal with wines last night and for the MORE amazing meal with wines tonight! I love you both so very very much 🥰💗🥰💗🥰💗🥰

  2. God has an amazing sense of humor and I really love His nudges….

    A few day ago God spoke two words to me that for the life of me, I didn’t know what He was saying. Over the last 11 years I’ve become a bit epicurious if you will, drawn into everything food and cookery, down to certain pots, pans and cutlery too. So the words He spoke to me were Perfect Pairing. I knew what this was, but I did a little research trying to see if He was inspiring a piece for me to write, but to no avail. So I left it alone, but I filed it away in my mind…

    Then all of a SUDDEN, you write this and it was as if everything I’d researched appeared in every picture that you posted, down to the slices of steak that I watched someone prepare on Beat Bobby Flay TODAY….

    The last few months have been amazing to say the least, yet filled with _______’s that I wish were filled out, and a few ?’s, that I wish I had all the answers to, but God said obey Me, trust Me, and follow Me. To which I said, Yes Lord…

    Being completely honest and transparent, His instructions haven’t made sense, but neither did the one’s he gave Joshua for entering Jericho, or the one’s He gave to Moses as they stood before the Red Sea, but they obeyed and were victorious. So here I am, with no thoughts of turning back nor turning away from His instructions, yet I wait, and yet I trust, because as suddenly as this message appeared about something He spoke, I know that what He’s said will suddenly come to pass….

    Thanks for this message that you may have never known the Lord would use it to speak to me so powerfully! Enjoy family!

    • Ah, synchronicity from God always is a thrill for me! Glad to have been a part of it! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. My family is sleeping in a bit. We have a big afternoon/evening planned. I’m happy to have a little time to respond to my friends. Your message was delightful!

  3. I’m pleased you are having such fun

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