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Hey, Bloggers

Hey, Bloggers,

How ya feelin’ today?

Have ya found yer smile,

Or did the blues get in the way?


Hey, Bloggers,

What’s your mood today?

Have ya found yer happy,

Or did some news get in the way?


Hey, Bloggers,

How’s yer heart today?

Do ya feel the love in there,

Or did some muse get in the way?


Hey, Bloggers-

I read yer post today.

It set me here to thinkin’

‘Bout what you had to say.


Hey Bloggers,

When life gits pure insane,

Come visit me at JanBeek

And I’ll help your spirit gain

. That smile you lost,

. A renewed sense of happy, and

. Hearts for Loving One Another


Drop by anytime.

Hey, Bloggers –

I got love to spare!

Come share ❤️💕♥️

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  1. I love it Jan!💗 I am good today! Getting over a headcold though… How are you?

    • I’m fine as frog’s hair! I’ll pray you get over that cold and get back to 100% sooner than later! 🙏🏽❤️

      • Haven’t heard that one… but I like it! “Fine as frog’s hair”… I’m going to have to use that myself! 😊
        Thank you! I’m getting better… but it’s slow going.

  2. Am so glad we are friends! You and me on that fence gabbin away!

  3. Just one word.Beautiful

  4. I just grabbed a bunch of your love, which I need this morning.

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