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First Sunday in Advent


Only God knows when
The Son of Man will come.
When we least expect Him,
He will overwhelm some.

But, as Christians, we
Won’t be surprised at all.
God already is with us,
So we live expecting His call.

We can’t solve our mortality.
We can’t achieve eternal life.
We know our days are limited
As we live in both joy and strife.

Our lives are vulnerable;
We find security in routine.
But with God, no day is mundane.
We are at risk. Know what I mean?

When God is revealed in you,
You live expecting the end,
And you understand intrusion
With continuation around the bend.

God will come, so be prepared.
He’ll come to you and lift you
To life in His Kingdom.
In anticipation, know He’ll shift you.

Divine Advent; Be ready!
God will break in like a thief in the night.
He will just show up!
So, better live in His Light.


Comments on: "First Sunday in Advent" (2)

  1. How beautiful. Truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you, Gina. I have a habit of taking notes as I listen each Sunday to the sermon. Helps me tune in and stay attentive. Sometimes (usually) the notes are in poetry. Sometimes I feel like they need to be shared. Thanks for your affirmation.

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