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One-of-a-Kind Gem

One-of-a-Kind Gem

If I measure me against me,

I could be six foot three.

If I measure me against YOU,

I’m not even two foot two!

So, who do I use?

What feet do I choose?

Who carries my blues?

Who walks in my shoes?

“No one,” You say?

God took His soft clay

And molded a shape –

Unique! Full of play!

God gifted your soul

Full of treasure untold.

Then He threw out the mold.

You’re more precious than gold.

Who do I measure myself against then?

Do I look at my friends, compare me with them?

“No one,” God smiles.  “I’ll say it again,

You’re a unique,  one-of-a-kind gem!”


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  1. I like this one, ma! You ARE unique! Me, too! I’m so grateful to have you for a mom!

  2. Very good, you one-of-a-kind gem!

  3. Oh Jan, I absolutely love this! So true that we seldom measure up in our own eyes. So thankful we just need to be who God created us to be. Blessings to you.

    • Thanks for the feedback.Now if I could just figure out who God created me to be, I’d be praising my Lord even louder! It’s that insight to know God’s will for my life – that discernment – that’s the tough part. Thanks for the blessings. Sure love ’em!!

  4. It’s a great message, Jan!

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