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My Dog’s a Nuisance


My dog is a nuisance, an absolute pest.

With her in the house, there is truly no rest.

She buries her bones under bushes and trees;

She begs at the table and scatters her fleas.



She flattens my pillow and sleeps on my bed.

I awaken at night with her nose on my head.

She runs us in circles; I’m getting worn out.

I won’t be a slave for this flat-nosed little sprout!


Errr, pardon, excuse me? But what did you say?

You ask if I’m giving my puppy away?

You’ve the nerve to suggest you’ll take her with pleasure.

Why, certainly not! She’s an absolute treasure!


      This is adapted from another of those old poems that my mom cut out of the local newspaper back in 1938 and pasted to a piece of cardboard that she tacked to the inside of her kitchen cupboard door.  We always had dogs when I was a kid growing up. The first one, Teddy, a fox terrier, was a house pet. None of them after him were allowed in the house. I think it was because we moved out to the country and the dogs got too dirty. I could hardly wait when Bob & I were married to get an indoor dog that I could cuddle the way I used to sleep with Teddy. Terriers are perfect indoor pets. Not too big, very little shedding, playful, and lovable. Our TazE is named for that little bit of devil in her – and E – for the big ears. When she was a pup the ears were just about all you saw! Since then she’s grown into them somewhat, but true to her Boston Terrier nature, they still are very prominent. (The better to hear you with, my dear!) She doesn’t have fleas – that was just a part of the whimsical poem – and she doesn’t bury bones, but she does occasionally beg at the table (I don’t reward it, but guests sometimes will give her scraps before I catch them!). She does run us in circles – and chases the bunnies that live under our porch. The antelope and deer know better than to come into our yard space, too. She’s a handy little guardian!

But no, I’m not giving my little nuisance away! 

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  1. I completely agree with you! I certainly wouldn’t give my “little girl” away either! We sure do love our furry children!!!

  2. I love it! They are all a nuisance – but our home would not be complete with them! Blessings!

    • Thank you, Patty, for visiting and leaving your comment. You’re right. My home was empty after we lost our last Boston Terrier, Angela, to cancer. There is a part of my husband’s personality that doesn’t emerge unless he is relating to our dog. I missed that fun and engaging side of him as much as I missed Angela! So, now that we have TazE, I have my WHOLE BOB back again! Life is good!

      • I know what you mean, my husband has suffered through what the doctors think is chronic fatigue and other sleep disorders for years, once we got the two little puppies he is like a kid again. He is in his element when my daughter got the 4th one and now has 4 to take care of while she is off to class and I am off to work..

  3. I wouldn’t have been sure if those four would add to his chronic fatigue or diminish it, but the “kid again” came to the fore – and he’s probably sleeping much better after they give your dear husband a healthy, happy run for his money everyday. Aren’t our furry friends delightful? Thanks for sharing your experience, Patty!

  4. Dogs are God’s angels of love!!!! pretty boston she is !!!

    • Thank you, she is a character that’s for sure. I wanted to name her “Angel” – but that did not fit her puppy personality. And, rarely is it her characteristic now. But, every now and then…

  5. Thank you for the fun post.

  6. The poem is adorable, as is your little BT. I have a 9 yr. old BT named Charlie and he’s such a character. I’ve written a few posts about him on my blog. Coincidentally, you and I are using the same WP theme 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting JanBeek and leaving your comment. I look forward to going to see your posts about Charlie. Come again soon!

  7. Delightful! For whatever reason I have not been getting some of your posts and I wondered if you were still out there. So glad you are still at it!

    • Thank you for checking in on me! Yes, I am still “out there.” We have had company from out-of-state and have been busy interfacing with friends here in Montana, so I have taken a reprieve for awhile. But, I’m back! Thanks for visiting. I’m enjoying the opportunity to get caught up on your blog, too. ;o)

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