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Celebrating the Kindness of Strangers. This video and song sums up the whole “Love One Another” message so poignantly. Thank you, Gina (at Professions for Peace) for posting this and including the words to the song.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Kindness of Strangers video, mom! Thanks for sharing! I stopped while walking Zelda and tried to help a man load a vacuum cleaner into his van. I couldn’t help him because it was too heavy but at least I tried! He was appreciative!

  2. Thank YOU so much Jan. I appreciate you sharing this post. It is a wonderful message to be spread around. Let’s keep sharing this important message, that the thought counts even if we cannot actually help, as your daughter shared. I am sure it meant the world to that man that someone cared about his plight. Hugs, Gina

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