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Blogging Friends

Why do you blog?

Today’s prompt made me pause and reflect on the why.
Why am I here? Why have I posted “stuff” here for so many years?
It’s not for rewards or recognition.

The title up there tells the story.
It’s my place to stay connected
with Derrick & Dwight,
Ann & Sue,
Richard & Donna,
Caralyn & you!!
It’s blogging friends old and new
who take the time to comment,
who post their own inspirational messages …
that’s why I’m here.
I care about you.

Thank you for also blogging and for staying in touch!


Comments on: "Blogging Friends" (21)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    Your blogs are always rays of sunshine for me! 😘

  2. Congratulations

  3. Love your glasses!! 🤓😎

  4. Thank you so very much, Jan

  5. Aww! It’s true! YOU are a ray of sunshine! 💛

  6. You and your blog are always filled with so much inspirational sunshine!

  7. Jan, I always appreciate the thoughts you share. They remind me of the goodness found in each of us. Blessings to you and Bob.

  8. Peter Martin said:

    Your blogs remind me of the good in this world. Without them, this world would be a lot more unkind and shallow.

  9. Always brilliant

  10. You are such a beautiful soul, (((((Jan))))). <3

    • Awwwww shucks! Thank you, Sue Dreamwalker! (This says “anonymous” – but it said you in an e-mail, Sue. Strange, huh?) 👍🏽❤️

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