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Super Bowl Sleepiness

Here we are – a great night – a great game – a delicious celebratory dinner – and stamina is so compromised, can’t stay awake to watch it!!

Well, that’s ok it’s recorded. He’ll watch it when he’s rested and ready to see it tomorrow!

Just gotta love that guy!

Meantime, cheers! I do love that guy!

Have a good night. God bless you. See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Hugs, JanBeek

We had a great drive around Ennis Lake with our Boston, TazE, today. Check out the pictures at http://www.Facebook.com/janbeekman

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  1. That’s a sweet photo of daddy! But you need to learn to turn the camer lense around to take a selfie of you two! That would’ve been fun to have a photo of the two of you with your champagne glasses! I love you! Have a great week! How’s the search for financial aid for daddy’s pills coming along? He neeeeeeds that medicine!!!

  2. Wonderful. How could you not love him? XX

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