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Good morning, Good Fairy. Thank you for flying on Delta with us this morning. You guided us onto this flight just in time. Do you guide the elderly often?

Ah yes! It’s my job to keep people safe and to grant their every wish

Well, you did a good job so far for us. We got the car into long-term parking and made it onto the plane on time. But what about those two guys who were sitting in our seats?

Heavens! They just wouldn’t listen. Maybe they don’t know how to tune in to their inner fairy. My buddy tried telling them those seats were taken. They wouldn’t listen.

So sometimes Good Fairies need help from earthlings?

Yes, in order to grant my earthling their wishes, often my friends have to run interference for me.

Well, I’m grateful for your assistance. Now, can you keep us safe and comfortable all the way to Rochester?

My privilege! Relax – and enjoy the flights.

Will do!

Thanks for your care, Good Fairy. I love you!

Love my blogging friends, too. Hugs, JanBeek ❤️👍🏽

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  1. Elaina Colby said:

    Well I’m glad you had a good fairy helping you out this morning. It’s too early and completely unnecessary for you to deal with people in your seats who are being obstinate. I pray the rest of your trip is without those kinds of issues. I hope your fairy will just hang out on your shoulder for the whole time. Hugs!

    • Thanks! They weren’t really obstinate … just reluctant and disappointed, I think. It would have been nice for them t be able to spread out. Sorry, fellas… these are taken! The Good Fairy handled their reluctance with a little help from her friends!

  2. Be safe and I hope all goes well with your trip!

  3. Aww, this is so cute
    Happy Safe journey!!

  4. Well done, Jan. As always, of course. You are a talented writer, after all. I wish you and Bob the best for safety and wellness on this venture.

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