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Embrace Friends

Time to embrace friends
Time to invite them again
Leave the masks behind

Time to hug our friends
Time to share a laugh or two
A welcome relief!

May 21st and it’s snowing outside!!
Loved having the Feldmans & Lyons
here to meet Mary Grace
and share a meal with us
My Native American pancho
is just what MGR needed
to go out and face the bitter cold
The wind blew the snow
It fell and swirled all around
Indian blanket

Just grin and bear it
Don’t worry, spring will return
We will survive this!

My daffodils are probably toast
And the crocus will wait to return next year
They’re buried under four inches of powder
But the ground needs the moisture – never fear
The snow will melt and the sun will shine
By Sunday we could be wearing shorts
Keep an eye on the weatherman
But don’t put too much stock in his reports!

Pray for good weather Sunday!

We’re getting ready for Pentecost Sunday
Mary Grace will preach for the congregation
Afterward, at a special meeting, members will vote.
I’m praying we’ll have cause for celebration.

Pray with me, will you, my friends?
Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.
See ya tomorrow.


Comments on: "Embrace Friends" (22)

  1. Have a great weekend Jan 👍🤝

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  2. Sunny De said:

    I have NO doubt that the congregation will vote unanimously to keep this lovely young lady with them! Btw, I adore your poncho! I’m so glad you’re back together with your friends 🥰

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  3. Have a wonderful weekend and will pray with you 🙂

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    • Oh – so kind of you, {{{Rahul!}}} I am comforted knowing you will be adding your prayers to mine! I feel so confident that this young lady is the person that God has in mind for us as we move forward as a congregation. I pray the members affirm that tomorrow! ❤

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  4. Jan, hooray! 😀 I’m so happy you had a chance to meet up with friends in real life, precious times to treasure! I’m seeing a close friend from uni for the first time in two years next weekend and can’t wait! Oh, the poncho is heavenly… it looks so warm and snug and a wonderful design and so beautifully modelled! Wishing you a very special weekend! Xx

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    • Thank you so much, {{{Annika}}} – it has been a wonderful weekend so far. I am excited about tomorrow when Mary Grace preaches to the congregation – and they vote on her “call” to be our next minister.

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  5. These pictures show how far your nation has come in such a short time

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  6. kayakingirl said:

    So delightful to spend time with Mary Grace and everyone. She will be loved by all.

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    • Yes, I am sure she will be! Such a delightful young lady! An “old soul” with such a heart for Christ! ❤ Mature beyond her years! ❤


  7. Brilliant post and such a lovely bunch of people 💗🙏

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  8. Amen, amen, and amen! A great poet of reunion and renewal. Love the red coat! The snow won’t hurt your flowers. They are tough!
    Have a great day!

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  9. Good to see you all enjoying together Jan😊❤️ Surely, you must have had a great time.
    Hope you are doing well dear. ❣️🙂

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    • Anonymous said:

      We did have a great time. Isolation during the pandemic was hard on those of us who thrive on socializing! So good to be back in the swing of things!!


    • I responded to your kind comment – and it showed up in my response folder. Did you get it? It said “someone” posted it. The response was, “We did have a great time. Isolation during the pandemic was hard on those of us who thrive on socializing! So good to be back in the swing of things!!”


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