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Embrace Reading

I love reading
Almost as much
As I love writing –
How about you?

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As a teacher,
Reading to my students
Was my favorite time
Of every school day.

Every day when the students
Came in from lunch
Hyper and excited,
A good book settled them.

As a retired adult,
Spending time in
A captivating book
Is like being in a candy shop.

But some of my friends
Would rather color
Or watch TV
Or shop on-line.

How do you feel
About books and reading?
Do you relish a good read –
Or would you rather garden?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Reading a good book
Takes you to gardens
And castles and wonders
Around the world.

Reading a good book
Increases your vocabulary
And helps you soar
To heights beyond your reach.

I’m not telling you
Anything you didn’t know.
So, tell me about a book
That carried you skyward.

I’m all ears!
Recommend a good book to me.

Embrace Reading!

That’s me – reading “The Wing Ding Dilly” by Bill Peet
to a 4th grade class in California.
Their teacher, Mrs. Souza,
invited friends on FB
to ZOOM read to her class.
I volunteered.
You should try it!
It was such fun!!

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  1. Reading to my kids was also a favorite pastime of mine. I can’t wait to do it again with my grandchildren!

  2. Books are a gateway to our dreams! One of my favorite reads has been a novel set in southwestern Montana in of all places, Willow Creek. Warm and real characters, written by Stanley Gordon West . . . Blind Your Ponies.

    • Blind Your Ponies is one of Bob’s and my favorite books, too. We think it should be required reading for all Montanans! <3 Thanks for your response, {{{Richard}}} – Have a Fabulous Friday! <3

  3. Janet Muirhead Hill said:

    I can’t even imagine life without books. I read everyday. I never go to sleep without reading from the books on my beside table.

  4. My favourite book of all time is a children’s book by Philippa Pearce called Tom’s Midnight Garden. It’s magical. Here’s a synopsis:-

    When Tom Long’s brother Peter gets measles, Tom is sent to stay with his Uncle Alan and Aunt Gwen. They live in an upstairs flat of a big house with no garden, only a tiny yard for parking. The former grounds of the big house have been sold for building and are occupied by modern houses. The elderly and reclusive landlady, Mrs Bartholomew, lives above them. Because Tom may be infectious, he is not allowed out to play, and he feels lonely. Without exercise he lies awake after midnight, restless, when he hears the communal grandfather clock strangely strike 13. He gets up to investigate and discovers that the back door now opens on a large sunlit garden. …

    • Oh, thank you so much, {{{Lesley}}} -!! I MUST find that book. It does sound magical. Thank you for the recommendation and the synopsis. <3

  5. There has hardly been a day in more than 70 years that I have not read. Try Operation Hedgehog by Margaret Lane

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