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Poet’s Corner invited us
Today to try writing Dalit:
Four-line Filipino poem –
Depends how you pronounce your words!

Each line has eight syllables.

Photo by Rene Sibulangcal on Pexels.com

His smile is so captivating.
He exudes love in his long life.
Look deeply into his sweet eyes –
Let his wonderful smile melt you.

Try it!

Comments on: "Poet’s Corner Invitation" (9)

  1. Looks like you’ve nailed it.

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  2. Elaina Colby said:

    I’m not a poet but here’s my attempt:
    Your face glows like red roses.
    That sit on a red runner.
    They match your lips and red shirt.
    Lifts spirits and warms my heart. 🥰🌹

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    • There must be a name for the four-line verse that has seven syllables on each line. I think it’s a “septet” or something like that. Your verse is beautiful, dear {{{Laina}}}. You ARE a poet!


  3. Jan, thanks for the challenge. Here you go!

    Big Montana Sky blesses us
    With friendly folks always around
    Helping out our neighbors in need
    Ranching life bringing home the joy

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