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Point of Light

You can be a point of light.
You can make the difference
in someone else’s life.

Shine light into someone’s darkness.
Be the “Someone” who helps another cross the street.
Be the first person who really SEES someone!

Twenty-twenty – the year of 20/20 Vision

My New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to “Walk the Talk.”
Little did I know on January 1, 2020
how many opportunities
I would have
to do just that!

You, too, have the chance every day to be the Point of Light for someone.
You have the chance to be what God made you to be, “A Point of Light.”
Someone is just waiting and listening…
knowing you’ll be there.

Be the Point of Light!

Walk the Talk, my friends.
Bee Well… Bee Real.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. svphillips10gmailcom said:

    Thank you Jan and Bob for being our point of light and being there when we needed you. Curtis and I are looking forward to a wonderful dinner with you both tomorrow night. Hugs, Susan

  2. A wonderful story well told.

  3. Sunny De said:

    André and I are walking the talk today by helping Nick move out of his studio into a six bedroom apartment with a few friends. Of course he has the top floor of the house! We got our exercise for the day! But he’s very appreciative. 🥰

    • Good for you👍🏽 I know he appreciates you & your help 🥰 Good for him for sharing a space with a few buds. I hope it works out well for him.

  4. We all had our new year’s resolutions, little did we know that covid19 also has it’s resolution. Nevertheless, with determination, we can still be “a point of light” and “walk the talk ” thanks Janbeek, for this amazing post!

    • Thank YOU, Amy, for responding and leaving your point of light on my comments section. I appreciate you! Have a blessed Friday night and s happy weekend. <3

  5. Jan, your sharing of this video share an inspiring life application. We can all make a difference, one person at a time. Thanks for sharing the light with me as well as others. God’s peace!

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