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Amazing Grace

I couldn’t sign off on this Sunday afternoon without sharing this:

Are you ready to be inspired?
Click on this amazing video
and get ready to be blown away!!

I had not heard this message about the pentatonic scale before…
(Be sure to tune in to Wintley Phipp’s whole message).

I have never heard Amazing Grace sung so beautifully!

I cried with the joy that only God’s spirit can bring through music.
How did this God-inspired song and this God-gifted voice affect you?

Have a blessed Sunday evening, my friends.
I send my love and more virtual hugs to ya,

Comments on: "Amazing Grace" (9)

  1. Beautiful, Jan.
    Thanks for posting.

    This particularly moved me, since at the moment, no singing is allowed during church services here. 🌷🤗

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    • I understand. We went through a period of no singing, too, when we were trying to meet indoors during this pandemic. But now that we can meet outdoors, since the weather is beautiful, we are allowed to sing into our masks. And then I come home and find the songs on You.Tube and sing them at the top of my lungs to Bob… and sometimes he joins me! I missed the singing soooo much when we were not allowed to do so indoors! I understand. ❤

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  2. We were all amazed at my younger brother’s funeral when the closing recorded song was Amazing Grace sung by our niece, his daughter. There were two reasons for recording it. First Fiona was too shy to sing in public; second, she wanted her father to hear it while he was dying. I’m sure you can imagine that this post choked me up. X

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  3. Beautiful post

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