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A Fascinating Job

Bob had a student at Hillsdale High School
Back in the 1960’s who now lives in Australia.
Pat Martin-Vegue worked at Marine World USA.

He now lives in Gold Coast, Queensland
He trains and cares for the tigers at Dreamworld Australia
This is a magnificent tiger that Pat raised in his house.

Here is Kai… Pat raised him as a cub …
in a padded, secure, special room in his house.
Pat took this photos of Kai
with one of the other trainers.

You can see more of Pat and his tigers at Pat’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/patrick.martinvegue

Doesn’t that look like a fascinating job?
I love it that we personally know this great guy!!
Job security during the COVID-19 pandemic:
The tigers must be fed and cared for.
Not just ANYBODY can do that!

Heck, you just throw the meat in his mouth, right?
Ah, there’s more to it than that?
Uh… ya!!
It’s not a job I could handle.
How about YOU?

Coronavirus Springtime at DreamWorld Australia
Social Distancing!

What’s the most fascinating job you’ve ever had?

Mine was teaching K-8
in a juvenile hall near San Francisco,
It was back in the days when
kids waiting for foster care placement
were incarcerated along with older kids
who were jailed because of violent behavior.

But that’s a fascinating story for another day.

Tell me the story of your fascinating job…
or one you know about
because a friend or family member had it.

I’d love to hear from you.
Have a Fabulous Friday.
See ya later.

Tiger hugs from JanBeek – (and Pat ‘n’ Kia)

Comments on: "A Fascinating Job" (5)

  1. What an amazing amazing story, and I’m fascinated by the voice of your writing. You’ve an interesting life, and my suspicions are it’s getting more interesting as you write it all down. Fabulous. Thankyou for this share. I needed it.🌻🌼🌷⚘

    • Yes, it’s been – and continues to be a fascinating, blessed life. Thank you for your affirmative comment.

  2. Amazing. Not something I can match.

  3. That must’ve been hard for all the children… this story is fascinating! I love the pictures…
    Love, light and glitter

    • Thank you. Yes, having all the children bunched together in spite of wy they were there was difficult on all of them. Thank you for your comment – and compassion. Thanks, too, for your appreciation of the tiger photos. Pat Martin-Vegue is a great trainer/photographer/ former student/ friend.

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