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St. Nick Around the World

Santa ’round the world
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Known by many names

In America, he is Santa Claus

In Pennsylvania
St. Nicholas was displayed
In his many forms

Santa Claus is also
St. Nicholas,
in the USA.
We have a song:
“Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,
lean your ear this way
Don’t you tell a single soul
What I’m going to say…”

Each depiction of Santa
in the Pittsburgh Santa Town display
showed a painting and a description
… and a bigger than life-sized model
of whoever St. Nick is in that country.
Here’s Netherlands.
Isn’t she marvelous?
Middle East
Holy Man
Great Britain
Father Christmas – Spectacular!
Sorry ’bout the flash reflection!
St. Stephen- of Ireland
The beards were created by mops!!
Grandfather Frost – He was awesome!
Latin America
Viejo Pascero – Wonderfully colorful!
Pere Noel evidently always has a helper.
De says Pere Noel is really “Père Fouettard” –
Got that?
Italy (Can you read the descriptive words on the booklet page?)
Only a few of the “St. Nick” depictions were female
“Julesvenn” – gift bringer
Isn’t that beard magnificent?
Dun Che Lao Ren
Pittsburgh was decked out for Christmas.
It was before Thanksgiving!
The buildings declared the coming of the Christmas season.
We visited the Santa House…
…and had our picture taken with Santa Claus
Merry Christmas is coming!

Even if the display was “too early” in my estimation, if it had not been before Thanksgiving, we would not have been there to enjoy it and photograph it for you. I hope you enjoyed the display.

See ya tomorrow…
Gotta go continue writing my C’mas cards.

What are you up to today?
And which Santa- St. Nick – did you like best??

Comments on: "St. Nick Around the World" (11)

  1. Wow Jan, so loved my visit with all of those world Santa’s and Haiti’s I loved also the Russian one of Grandfather Frost…
    But the best of them all I think was the family photo..
    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas Jan to you and your family..

  2. I also loved the family photo! But being the spelling stickler I am I thought it sad that they didn’t spell receive correctly and for France it’s Père Fouettard not fouchette! But the Father Christmases were very well done 🥰

  3. Oh, and I loved the Chinese Father Christmas best ❤️

    • Thank you, Dede. I appreciate your comment – and will go fix that spelling of “Père Fouettard” – no way I would have known! (Glad you liked the post… I was fascinated by the exhibit.)

      • Hey ma! You can’t fix either spelling mistake because they were in the printed “books” describing each Santa on display. I just found it sad that they made these beautiful displays but didn’t bother to check for spelling errors.

  4. Great post. Thank you. I did not see no photos of Santa where he lives! Here, enjoy.

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. We all need daughters to put us right with this stuff 🙂

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