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Feeling Blessed

I am truly blessed
With a talented family.
They’re so generous!

My daughter-in-law,
The day after Thanksgiving,
Helped transform the house.

This is just a glimpse
Of her decorating skills.
I feel very blessed!

There are touches of Christmas everywhere I look.

I hope you are feeling blessed
by helpful family and friends, too.
What are your December plans?

December 1st
Cheers to you!!

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. God Bless you and your family Jan. The Lamb’s had an awesome,special, fun day. Lots of homecooked food, smiles,laughter and full tummies. We are so blessed with our family and life. Cleve is fighting a battle with his back and leg pain again. But we have faith in the good Lord that he will overcome his pain. Please keep him in your prayers.
    Love and lots of hugs to you and Bob. Have a fun,healthy December.

    Love and miss you so very much
    ..Friends forever,

    • I have added you & Cleve to my prayer list, Maudie. Bob had miserable back pain, too, during this Thanksgiving season. He went to a chiropractor in Pittsburgh who used the “Cox Method” and provided an adjustment that gave him enormous relief. I pray Cleve finds a person who can help him find relief, too. Thank you for your friendship, for visiting JanBeek and commenting. You are a treasure, dear friend! <3

  2. You ARE blessed! She gives daughters-in-laws a great name! My recent blessing was keeping my grandkids overnight Thanksgiving nite. ~I~ am blessed too!

  3. Jan, your home looks wonderful, so warm, welcoming and all set for Christmas. The fireplace is ideal for the season! The star is already up here and it was special to light the first advent candle yesterday … as for other plans – oh yes, the small detail of an imminent book release. As always I am so thankful for the help, patience and love of my family in helping this come to fruition!

    • Congratulations on your soon-to-be-released book! Glad to hear about that… let your blogging friends know when it is available, ok? Happy Season of Advent – candle #1 = HOPE. Keep hope alive in your heart… and be prepared for the Christ Child and for our Savior’s return. We have no idea when that will happen. But, if it’s today, I’m ready!! <3

  4. Thank YOU for including me in your Posts, It is a blessing to read your thoughts! Every Christmas Season I try to put on a window light show for my neighbors to enjoy on their way up my hill in this dark time of year, My best piece is a large Peace sign that changes to Peace, on, Earth, with two Peace signs in the middle…..I am going to try to put it on Word Press for you!, I am not very computer literate, and have no-one to show me the way, but I will try…..I love your flashing Love sign…..

    • Thank you, Alaskaman (btw, do you have a first name that I can use to know you better!). I hope you figure out how to show the Peace on Earth sign; I’d love to see it.

      • My name is George, I live in an old log cabin in Alaska, I am 74 Years on, and just lost the great Love & Best friend I ever had, Susan…..So a lot of grief to cope with, yet between my good, good neighbors I am learning to cope with the loss and continue on as I feel I have a lot of work to do yet on this world of ours. The only tool I have is this little lap-top, yet I hear from people all over this world, like your-self who send out good vibrations- I am also deaf, so a double blessing I have…..As long as my Heart keeps beating, and my brain functions I will work to make this Earth a better place for all of our children to inherit! That is my Goal, and Yours also I assume!

  5. My December plans are to enjoy every day of this Advent season in preparation for our Savior’s birth. I won’t be traveling much, but my Ohio family is close by.

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