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F amily
A dorable
M essy
I llogical
L ovable
Y ours

That adorable, messy, illogical, lovely family is YOURS!
And it’s mine! And we are so fortunate, aren’t we?
Not everyone is so blessed… so count your good fortune …
And enjoy your time together. This day won’t come again!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Family Day!
And don’t forget the empty chair!!

Today we fly home.
Thank you for your prayers for our safe travel.
See ya later!

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  1. I hope you can be thankful for a good trip

    • I hope so, too. We’re headed to the Pittsburgh airport now.

    • We arrived safely to Minneapolis and then Bozeman. It took 30 minutes for Bob to find our car in the long-term parking and then 20 minutes to de-ice it, but we were home by 3: pm as planned… Thank God for safe travels and a family that welcomed us with turkey and all the trimmings and lots of love <3 Yes, we are blessed. <3

  2. God bless us all Amen

  3. Amen! Family is a wonderful blessing.

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