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Not My Responsibility


These are things that are
NOT my responsibility
Look around

Other people’s:

  • ideas
  • opinions
  • actions
  • consequences
  • beliefs
  • mistakes
  • words

These are the things that
ARE my responsibility
Look within


  • ideas
  • opinions
  • actions/efforts
  • consequences
  • beliefs
  • mistakes
  • words

Take Responsibility
for the things
that are yours to control.

Be thoughtful
Be active
Be prayerful
Be kind
Be creative
Be passionate

aged ancient asian buddhism

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Be all that God made you to be.
Ask Him to help you meet
the people He wants you to meet.
Ask Him to help you know what
He wants you to say.
Ask Him to help you do
what He would like you to do.
Take responsibility

Bee loving!
See ya tomorow.

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  2. Niely put! Love the graphic.

    • Thank you. Obviously, that graphic spoke to me, too. I loved that those items that are NOT my responsibility were outside the circle, But, you have to look within to see the things that ARE yours to own and be accountable for. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment, cs.

  3. I find your various themes to be very thoughtful and inspiring. They make me think about the world around me. Thanks Jan.

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