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Top of Mt Baldy

Yesterday Bob & I took our ATV, our dog, our lunches, and our stamina on a ride with friends up to the top of Mt Baldy in the Tobacco Root Mountains. From my sanctuary window, I can see the snow-topped mountain off to the north-west of us.

Mt. Baldy out my sanctuary window

Hard for you to see, with the sunlight reflections on the glass, but it’s out there through the angels in the distance… the tallest of the snow capped mountains.

What does all that have to do with thoughtfulness? Well, without the help of our friends, we wouldn’t have ventured up there!

First of all, some of the trails were really, really rocky and rough. We wouldn’t chance it alone!

Rocky trail up to Mt Baldy

Secondly, I could not have made that climb up from the trail where we left the ATVs without the help of my buddies!

Jan, Caroline & Penny on top!

With kind thoughtfulness, they each took one of my arms and climbed with me. They stopped to rest when my breathing got to panting instead. God bless ‘em!

View from Mt. Baldy’s top

At the 10,788 ft. level, the view was spectacular and the air coming off the snow on the peaks beside us was crisp and fresh.

I hope you’re as blessed as we are to have such thoughtful friends!

Rex in top of Mt. Baldy

Our buddy/neighbor/guide was Rex, who (with his wife, Penny) led the way. We’d have been lost without him!

Bob, Jan & TazE

Have a thoughtful day, my friends. Who can you help with his/her climb today?

See ya tomorrow

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  1. Thank goodness for buddies and what a prize view for all the effort in reaching the top 🙂

  2. Mhmhm, “who can we help with their climb?” This is definitely something we must keep at the forefront of our minds since we are all called to serve. Thank you for sharing such a lovely view, Jan.

    • You’re welcome, Precious! Pictures don’t do it justice. Someday you need to come to Montana and see it through your own God-given lenses! Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your comment. <3

  3. Very well done

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