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        This post caught my eye because it reminded me of my mom. One of the last expressions I remember her saying before she died was like this one, but a little more graphic. As we were headed out the door of the nursing home where she lived her last few year with increasing dementia, I told her, “Mom, we need to go back to your room.”
       “Why?” she barked at me.
       “Because your blouse is on in-side-out,” I explained.
       This woman, who lived her life vainly overly concerned about her outward appearance, continued pushing her walker toward the car. “Oh, who gives a shit?” she exclaimed.
       See why this “Who gives a crap?” by Ann Koplow caught my eye. Read on… she tells us what we should in fact “give a crap” about … and what not to be concerned with, too. Delightful!

“Who gives a crap about where today’s blog title came from? If you do give a crap, I saw that sign yesterday on the wall of a huge glass-blowing facility called Almost Perfect Glass  in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There’s my  almost perfect friend, Deb, who was working the annual holiday glass sale at Almost Perfect Glass,…
— Read on annkoplow.wordpress.com/2018/12/09/day-2205-who-gives-a-crap/

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  1. Thanks for the repost! You’re too good to me, Jan.

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