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Skills to Become Employable


Which of these 13 skills do you think are most important?

Our 23-year-old grandson went with us to the Job Corps site in Anaconda, MT yesterday. We’re looking at various options for his future training, education, exploration, and employment. This poster caught my eye.

Are those skills listed in priority order, or would you prioritize them differently?

Are there points on this list that you think are not as important as others?

Are there skills missing from this list that you think should be added?

An instructor of carpentry with whom we spoke yesterday at the job center said, “I can teach students to become a carpenter, but I can’t teach them to work.”

The work ethic is something students have or don’t. Do you believe that?

Talk to me!

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  1. Nice share👍🏻

  2. I think all of the above on the list are ingredients that we should all adhere to. Especially number 11. We shouldn’t need reminding to be harmonious but unfortunately many do..
    Wishing you a good weekend Jan.

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