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Glitter and Glue

My blogging friend, Russ Towne, wrote and posted the following today:

“Of couples I’ve seen

Way more than a few

Where one is the glitter

The other’s the glue.”


I smiled when I read that

Realizing that I do a lot of glittering

And my dearest friend,

My spouse of 55 years,

Has been a source of the glue

That sticks us together

And has helped this union last.

Yup, it takes both kinds.

Thanks, Bob!

Thanks for being the glitter

Right when we needed it, too.

My daddy was right when he said,


“Take this expensive tax deduction

Off of my hands!”

Glitter comes at a price.

I love that man of mine!!


He’s the glue that keeps the lawn mowed

And the glitter that keeps the love growing.

Couples need a lot of both!



Comments on: "Glitter and Glue" (4)

  1. I love this tribute to your dearest friend and spouse of 55 years, Jan. May your lives continue to be full of blessings.

  2. I love this! I’ve been glued to my other half for 36 years and look to be stuck 36 years more!

    • Thirty-six twice? Sounds like an eternity! But, if it’s with your best friend, that’s a wonderful way to anticipate the future. Thanks for your reply on JanBeek, Claudia. Bless you!

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