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Yes, I confess, I am a member of BostonTerrierAddicts on its FaceBook page. We post pictures and videos of our dogs and do a lot of ooohing and awwwing. Our Taze is the “Tazmanian Devil with Ears”. As a puppy, when we got her five years ago, her gigantic ears were straight up at only ten weeks young! We were going to name her “Angel,” until we met her. BOING! BOING! BOING! She was a jumping jack! Nope, “Angel” didn’t fit!

Most Bostons’ antennae stick up straight and as puppies the ears seem larger than the rest of the dog put together. When one ear flops and takes its time perking up, some new Boston Terrier people become quite concerned. When is it ever going to straighten up? Ike, one of my favorite Boston Addict pups, is four and a half months. Isn’t he adorable?

Not to worry!! That ear will pop up soon! And if not, who cares?

Well, I think Bostons are precious with or without both antennae working . Don’t you find them irresistible, too?

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  1. DeDeBee said:

    Ohhhhhhh yes! It’s true that once you go Boston you don’t go back! What an awesome dog! That little cutie there with the one black eye is so sweet!

  2. They are a cutie breed! My friend has one — my husband prefers the hunting lab type — which are big loving lunks.

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