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Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith

Sermon Notes
–  from a message by Rev. Jean M Johnson based on Luke 17:5-10

If the disciples of Christ felt clueless,
How can I know anything for sure?
If they lived with the King of Peace,
Why weren’t their thoughts clear and pure?

They lived and rubbed elbows with
Our Lord, the Christ, Savior on earth.
They were with Him, hearing His parables,
Watching His miracles; some knew Him from birth.

Yet, they asked Christ to increase their faith.
Maybe it wasn’t a request to increase their hearts.
Maybe they were asking Him to increase their hands –
Give them the will to work and do their parts.

Because they had faith, the disciples needed
The humility for doing the mundane, daily grind.
Obeying and following Jesus means quietly doing
The duties of loving and serving with no thanks in mind.

Don’t ask for a great faith to do great things.
Be content with faith the size of a mustard seed
To do the work of serving God humbly,
Listening for the Holy Spirit to reveal every need.


Hmmm… My prayer for today is one of gratitude for my God and for His Son, Jesus Christ, and for my faith. Yes, it is small as a mustard seed! But, is it sufficient to do God’s Will today? Oh Lord, increase my humility. Increase my ability to hear and see the needs around me. Increase the capacity of my hands and feet to be the hands and feet God uses for His small tasks here on earth. You have given me ears to hear, dear God, and eyes to see the needs around me. Increase my willingness to respond to Your nudges and help me do so with no expectation of recognition. Thank You for the fruits of the spirit alive and well in me: love, joy, and peace. I know faithfulness is a gift from You, also. Help me share those fruits and radiate the gifts freely today.

In Jesus Name –

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  1. I really like this. What great things we can do with the faith that is ours just like His grace is sufficient. So much can be done. Have a blessed day. 😀

  2. […] via Increase Our Faith […]

    • Thank you for your comment. I always like getting the “Wow” factor! My intent was to leave you pondering. It looks as if you may be doing that. <3

  3. I love this part of the prayer ‘ Increase my ability to hear and see the needs around me’… I hope you’ll….

    • Thank you, Yusuf. Today I visited four elderly friends who live in our nearby nursing home. God did indeed increase my ability to hear and see the needs around me. I shared with each of them my morning blog “Surrounded by Angels” (Or was it called “Angels All Around Me”?) Anyway, each of them loved it … and I felt like I was lifting them out of their little room into my sanctu-aerie with me. It brought me great joy. I hope it brought a little joy to them, too.

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