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Throw it Away

Got a nasty worry?
Throw it away.
Got somethin’ troublin’ you?
Throw it away!

Throw it in God’s direction;
He’ll take your cares away
To Never Never Land.
Just leave them there today.

Don’t take the worries back.
Don’t let your troubles getcha.
Give all your cares to God.
He cares for you – I’ll betcha!

I worried about Hope –
My granddaughter who went away.
I hadn’t heard in over a month.
God heard; Hope texted the next day.

I worried about Mike –
My grandson needed a job.
I asked the Lord to help him.
He was chosen from out of a mob!

I heard my sis was sick;
She was taken to the E.R.
I asked God to heal her –
His mercies are never far.

Just take your cares and worries
And throw them out in prayer.
Then try not to dig ’em out again.
Leave ’em with God. Trust them there!

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  1. words of wisdom spoken within the language of heart…..
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. Oh, I love it! It’s hard to give them up but worries are best left in the hands of the Almighty. Hope everyone is good! Take care! – Amy πŸ˜€

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