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Our Grandsons

My husband, Bob, and I went to Switzerland June 27 through July 16 this year. It was our best Swiss vacation ever! One of the reasons it was so great is that our three grandsons, Mike, Nick, and Chris were such a joy to be around. Nick joined us for lunch our first day there. Tante (Aunt) Irene did, too. We ate at Le Rothorn, the restaurant (bar and grill) that our daughter and son-in-law own there in Sierre, the Sun City of Valais, Switzerland. Andre’, a master chef, prepared chicken in curry sauce over rice with veggies. His meat sauces are the best! The restaurant is a place people go for a cup of coffee and a place to read the newspaper in the morning. The plate of the day is a popular lunch time fare. Lunch is the main meal of the day. The menu includes typical Swiss dishes of cheese, chicken, pork, beef, cheval (horse), and pastas. The bar is the most popular part of Le Rothorn, in spite of Andre’s wonderful cooking skills. I wish more people came to enjoy his talents!


Our youngest grandson, Chrissy, joined us up in the apartment after he finished work. De & Andre’ and the boys live in a three bedroom, one bath, no kitchen apartment above the restaurant. They allowed us to stay with them during the first four days of our visit. The boys all bunched up in Mike’s room on two beds and the floor so we could have Nick & Chris’s beds. We really appreciated it because staying with them gave us a chance to really have quality time with our grandsons who have grown from “boys” to young men since we saw them two and a half years ago.


At age 17, Chris has quit regular school, lived for 7 weeks in Germany with a family (to try and learn to speak that language), and then returned to enter a nursing apprentice program. He works three days a week at the Nursing Home in Sierre and attends classes two days each week to get his vocational nursing certificate. Chris has a tender heart. He is a compassionate, thoughtful young man with a bright future ahead of him.  Bob and I enjoyed several long, insightful discussions with him during our three weeks together.

Nick, likewise, entered an apprentice program – but he finished his regular schooling near the top of his class and chose to go to work as an apprentice at SwissCom, the state owned telephone company, rather than going on to college at age 17. Now, as a 19 year old with two years of experience in the work world under his belt, he has his resume’ out and is looking for a job before going for a year to serve in the army. Army is mandatory for young men in Switzerland. After that year, Nick plans to go back to school to become a “mediamatician.” He plays a mean steel guitar, has a magnetic personality, and is the life of every party.

To complete the grandson picture, Mike (21) also is an apprentice. He worked last year as an assistant to a disabled 12 year old who was in a wheel chair and needed one-on-one help at school. Now, with the school year completed Mike is considering a computer programming apprenticeship. He has had an interview and is awaiting results. Meantime, he worked a week at a summer camp for handicapped teens. Isn’t it wonderful that our young grandsons have such a giving heart for service to others? I am so proud of them!

In the evening on our second day there, we took the three boys to dinner in Sierre. De and Andre’ had to work at their restaurant that night. We went back to Le Rothorn after dinner, had a “nightcap,”  and visited with friends before tucking in for a good night’s sleep.


Stay tuned for Part Three – more “Family Time” and some scenes of Sierre, Switzerland 🙂

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  1. Hey momma! Unfortunately the computer apprenticeship for Mike didn’t pan out so he is looking for a job this year until he can find an apprenticeship to start next summer. Nick is starting his year long finishing school next month (maturité professionnelle) and then will start his army stint in September ’14. His apprenticeship was four years long and he was in the working world quite a bit during that time doing various jobs throughout Swisscom. He IS a mediamatician now! But he will go back to school after the army to become some kind of engineer. Chris’s apprenticeship will give him a diploma in “assistant en soins communautaires.” Perhaps he will do his army stint before going to nursing school. He eventually wants to be a head nurse like Auntie Marge! 🙂 So, there ya go! Just a few additions to your blog! I love you!

    • Thank you for the clarifications, DeDe. I am sorry to hear that Mike’s apprenticeship was not selected. I will keep his job search in my prayers.

  2. Wow! 🙂 I bet you are one proud grandma. 😀 You have reason to be. Take care! 😀

    • Yes, I am proud of the fine job my daughter and son-in-law are doing with the raising of those three boys. Parenting is a serious and difficult job – – – the most serious and difficult one we’ll ever have! And we only get one crack at it per child! God bless the parents out there who pour their hearts and souls into raising our next generation of leaders <3 <3

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