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Realizing Limitations

“I don’t understand why people can’t admit their faults; if I had any, I sure would!” I love that quote. It’s all about the log in my eye while I’m pointing out the sliver in someone else’s eye. That log gets in the way of my clear vision. It prevents me from realizing my own limitations.

Limitations? Do  I  have limitations? One of my favorite scriptures is, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” ALL things? Jump tall buildings in a single bound? End war forever? Cure cancer? Well, those are limitations that are easily recognized and admitted. What realistically do I see and acknowledge? What are the slivers in my eye? Do others see the speck that I choose to ignore?

The ophthalmologist calls those specks “floaters.” They are shadows caused by the floating cell particles at the back of my retina. Too remote to be seen without the use of high-powered instruments  –  or ever-discerning, fault-finding friends. Those friends are treasures! They care. They take the time to really observe. Most people don’t, you know. We’d all worry less about our faults and who sees them if we realized how few people care enough to really LOOK at us that closely! YOU are the one who holds the mirror, stands in front of it, and stares.

Limitations? Sometimes the most obvious ones are the ones we actually DO see – – – and we may be the only one who does. After all, who cares more about you than you do? Do all faults have to be limitations?

Go ahead – – – scale that tall building! Find a cure for cancer! Someone will someday, you know. Might as well be you!


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  1. What a wonderful uplifting message, momma! It’s so true…..we are our own worst enemies when it comes to pointing out our faults. Just two nights ago at choir a friend said to me, •
    “Wow! You’re looking so thin!” and I immediately got self-conscious about the pooch around my tummy, tugged down on my shirt, and said ‘Noooo, I have this horrible fatty tire around my middle!’ I should’ve just been very pleased with my recent weight loss and said ‘Thank you very much!’ Thinking and staying positive is the key to a happy life, hmmmm?! I love you, Mom! (and am very proud of YOUR weight loss! You DO look awesome!)

    • Thank you very much! You’re so right, DeDe. Learning how to take a compliment and how to think and stay positive IS an important key. You are on the right track when your weight loss starts to be noticeable to your friends and your clothes start to bag on you! Here’s to a new wardrobe in 2 sizes smaller!! 🙂

    • Thank you, DeDe. I love you, Babe!! 🙂

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