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Two Places at Once

Happy Sunday, my friends. If you have visited my blog before, you may remember that I take sermon notes on Sunday and try to summarize in poetic format the message as I hear it – through my filters. Our pastor is Rev. Jean Johnson. Today’s message was inspired by Revelation 1:4-8. Here is what I heard and recorded with my poetic license this morning. I hope it speaks to you – as it did to me.

Here and There

Wherever we are is here;
Wherever we’ve been is there.
We can’t be both places;
We can’t be everywhere.

It would be convenient
To be in two places at one time,
But it’s not humanly possible.
To testify that you were, would be a crime.

Mentally, though, it seems as if
We can be two places simultaneously.
We can be trapped in prison,
But free as a bird emotionally.

We can be suffering, trapped in pain;
Our place can be miserable indeed –
But dejection doesn’t have to be
The whole story – even in dire need.

Our mind can take us a long way off –
Out of despair into a Spirit of Hope.
Peace doesn’t have to be a state of denial.
Gratitude and faith lift us, so we can cope.

No matter what our circumstances,
No matter where we are –
From grief and desolation we can be
Lifted in The Spirit – transported far.

Wherever we are is here;
Wherever we’ve been is there.
We can be in both places.
In God’s hands, we can be lifted anywhere.


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  1. Very nice!

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