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The question was, “How do we love the swallow?” How do I love the life-sucker, the “neighbor” who seems to want to take, take, take – without offering anything in return? The answer came to me this week:




The acronym spells JOY, the WAY we choose to love one another. Be open – with joy – with prayer and help from above – to loving others. My friend, Marcia, commented on my blog, “… love unconditionally, as God loves you!”

But, a friend of mine wrote on her FaceBook page the following confession/question: “I have as acquaintance who is constantly calling me asking if he can ‘crash on my couch’. Here’s the problem: I watch him make one bad decision after the next. He hangs around with complete losers and users… if there are 99 good choices and only 1 bad one, he will make the bad choice. He is sleeping under a bridge. He is 49, perfectly healthy, can work, is smart as a whip… but just lives like a Hobo. 20 years ago, I would have said ‘Sure, come crash at my place.’  Then I would regret it. Now I just say, “Sorry hon…no can do” … and kind of feel guilty.  Am I wrong for not ‘helping’ him?  I have ‘ helped ‘ so many people before… some worked out, most didn’t. I can not help anyone get their life in check… I can only control my own life. Am i being a heartless bitch or a smart person?”

Is the answer to her question a blanket “Just Open Yourself”? I think not! My friend, Marcia, elaborated a little in he response.

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  1. You wrote the WAY we should love one another – I have some reservation about that word should but – I am intrigued – do you have another acronym for WAY – i love this one for JOY! Karen

    • Thank you for dropping by, reading my blog, and passing it along, Karen. Thank you most especially for your thoughtful comment, causing me to rethink that word “should.” Do I have another word for it? Hmmm… let me think on that!

      • I often swop “could” in for should – or maybe “can choose to”. Much softer and kinder.

      • I like that! I “can choose to” (instead of I “should”) change that sentence to indicate the affirmative stance. Bless you! Tell me more about your postcards ;o)

      • I am expecting to blog them next week with some pictures so patience please!!

  2. Reblogged this on affirmagise.

    • Thank you for your affirmation, “Affirmagise.” I am back into my blogging after a brief respite while my grandchildren were with me. Looking forward to catching up on what you’ve been up to! ;o)

  3. I have learned that there is a fine line between helping a friend and enabling him or her to continue down a destructive path. Sometimes the best help I can give to a friend is to not enable destructive behavior. In such situations I look for other ways that may truly be helpful to them.

    For example, I’m much more inclined to give food and/or a warm blanket to a hungry and cold drug addict or alcoholic than money.


    • I think the idea of a warm blanket, food, or a gift certificate to a place like McDonalds is a great way to lend a helping hand without enabling destructive behavior. Bless you, Russ!

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