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Mom’s Messages

We all carry messages our mothers gave us.

Here are some of mine:

Eat your spinach
Clean your plate
Mind your manners
Don’t be late

Watch for danger
Stay off streets
Hold your chin up
Limit treats

Smile at strangers
Mind your father
Hold your tongue
Don’t be a bother

Save your pennies
Chase the blues
Never give up
Look for clues

Change your panties
Brush your teeth
Don’t judge others
See the good beneath

Happy Mother’s Day!
What are your Mom’s Messages?


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  1. the sweetness of those words are the best explanation for the humble soul you have.

  2. My mother was never much for SAYING a thing, we just learned from seeing how she acted. Some things I learned from her: don’t judge people on sight, be kind to everyone as much as you are able, giving never lessens what you have, stand up straight and hold your head up high, don’t give up on what is important to you- but if you have to give something up, don’t be ashamed- just move on, knowing you did the best you could.

    • Interesting that you shared with me some of the same kinds of sentiments that my husband shared when I asked him about his “Mom’s Messages.” She, too, was the more quiet type who set her example by doing. Her messages to you live in your heart – God bless her! Thanks for sharing, Khadijah.

  3. Great compliation! Mom’s heritage of faith was the message I received the loudest. Thanks for checking out my blog and following.

    • Here it is 9 years later and I am just now seeing your response, “Rad Change.” Happy Mother’s Day to you! Is yur mo still on earth for you to thank her for her wonderful example of faith? <3

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    • Thanks for your comment, Lindsey. It was in my spam folder (which is why you are not receiving an answer until now). I honestly do not know what I would do with 1000 visitors a day! That’s not my goal! I’d be glued to the computer trying to respond to all those folks who were kind enough to comment!

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  5. My Mum taught me to always see the bright side in life: that whatever comes up to dissappoint us is always followed by something even better! I love her for that!

  6. You had a wise mum – and you are indeed fortunate to have a legacy of optimism. I know you are passing it on. God bless you!

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