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WordPress as Spam

When does a WordPress blog become spam?
When I get 13 notifications in one day…
and then 13 more the next day…
and more the next day … on & on…
all from the same blogger,
filling my notifications
with posts that have
no way to respond.
What do I do?
How do I

Cristian Mihai
and his
The Art of Blogging
has become a pest!

I believe in his help –
and have used it in the past.
I have donated monthly to his cause.
But now I want it to stop.
It has become a nuisance.


Comments on: "WordPress as Spam" (27)

  1. Can’t you just unfollow him?

  2. Are you able to unfollow? You might reach out to WordPress tech support.

    • I did unfollow, but the posts keep showing up in my notifications anyway! Thanks for the tip. I’ll reach out.

      • That’s happened to me before, and I can’t remember exactly how I fixed it. I think I went back to the person’s site and that there was an option to stop notifications. Good luck. I remember being unnerved when the notifications wouldn’t stop.

      • It helps to know I’m not alone. Thanks! I’ll keep working on it.

  3. After reading your post, I checked and I was getting a ton as well! But I saw I wasn’t following The Art of Blogging (I must have at some point). I went into one of the emails and hit unsubscribe and it led me to this “Subscription Management” page and showed I was unsubscribed. That might work. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t stop the notifications tomorrow!

  4. I’m not subscribed to him but I’ve seen an influx of his posts on the Reader. I have noticed his progression over the years though, and it seems like his branding is going through a bit of a… change… is how I’ll put it. Hopefully the commenters here have helped you find a solution!

    • No solution yet. I’m hoping Cristian sees this and he fixes the problem. I received 21 notifications from his blogs today! Grrr!!

  5. You can block blogs you don’t want to get notifications from. Hope that helps 🙂

    • I’m working on that. Thank you, Pooja.

      • No problem and hope it works.

      • I was sorry to unfollow Cristian Mihai. I have been a loyal follower of his since 2011. However, he went from sending a regular ONE post per day to between 11 and 21 per day… and I just can’t keep up with that kind of pile up in my in-box! It became more than I could handle. I really wonder what prompted him to do that! He shut off the comments section, so I was not able to communicate directly with him to ask what in the world was going on!

      • Yeah I follow him too and it definitely gets annoying. I generally get a little irritated when bloggers post more than a couple times a day. I think people do that as a way to spam the system- it sometimes helps to grow your blog but not in the right way since you’ll just get spam followers most of the time and lose actual followers.

      • Thank you for your comment. You’re exactly right. I’ve followed him for a decade and been a monthly supporter. But no more!!

  6. Just go to his site and unfollow him!

  7. If you go to the little green box in the the bottom left of your screen that shows when you scroll up. It gives you the option of getting emails or shutting them off!

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