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My friend, Janet, posted that picture up there.
It prompted the following from me.

Let Your Love Be Felt

It’s generalizations that create prejudices

It’s ignorance that fuels racism

It’s anger that creates frustration and violence

Let’s replace generalizations with truth and facts

Let’s replace ignorance with intelligence

Let’s recognize righteous anger and find healthy outlets, meaningful and effective expressions

Let’s pray for divine intervention and resolutions to injustices

Let’s get on our knees

Lord, help us; heal us; bind us in love

❤️ Let your voice be heard, my friends, and let your love be felt. ❤️

Comments on: "Ignorance Comes in All Colors" (7)

  1. I have that same picture in my blog for tomorrow!!! Are we on the same page or what?!

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Truth spoken so simply and eloquently! Our country and world need powerful prayer and loving hearts.

  3. Well said! Having grown up in Montana and living there for about 50 years, I bring a Big Sky perspective to Ohio. At the same time, the Buckeye state has tutored me on issues never experienced much in the Big Sky Country.

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