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It Was A Very Good Year

It Was A Very Good Year

When I was simply one

It was a very good year

Whene’er I’d shed a tear

I’d know my mom would be near

When I was simply one.

When I turned a lively two

It was a very good year

My lazy eye was patched

My itchy spots were scratched

When I grew to a lively two.

When I was three or four

It was a very good year

We ventured out lots more

Didn’t have a care in store

When I was three or four

Then I was twenty-three

It was a very tough year

Someone looked up to me

I was no longer free

When I was twenty-three.

When I was fifty-five

It was a challenging year

My family came alive

I had nowhere to hide

When I was fifty-five.

And when I’m ninety-four

It will be a wonderful year.

I’ll be full of smiles and cheer

And glad to still be here

When I am ninety-four.


When I am old and gray

And memories fade away,

I’ll cherish love brought my way.

I’ll not regret the strife –

It is a very good life!

May sweet friends sing to you

and hug and surround you

with love and more

When you are ninety-four!

God bless each day, each month, each year of your life.

Don’t let any of them get you down, break your heart, or find you wishing them away. Treasure each one so you, too, can say not just:

It was a very good year!


It is a very good life!

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. It is indeed a very good life! ♥️

  2. It was a very good post

  3. Sunny De said:

    I love this poem, ma! It IS a very good life! Thank you for creating me! 🥰

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