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Giving Accolades

Each day during Lenten season

I sent a letter of appreciation

To one of forty people who

Make my life better just by

Being in it.

Giving accolades to those

Who bless my life was easy

The hard part was limiting

My list to only forty

Dear family and friends.

Today is “Silent Saturday”

The last day of Lent –

The day before Easter –

The last of my accolades –

And it goes to TazE.

Yes, I am truly blessed

By the presence of this

Four-legged furry friend

Who makes my life better by

Being in it.

Happy Lent, little friend

Dear and precious “Man Dog”

If only I could learn to be

As unconditionally loving

As you are!

Thank you for your kisses

Thank you for your cheer

Thank you for lifting me

Whenever you are near

Happy Easter!

Jan Beekman

March 31, 2018

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